How To Deal With Post-Sexual Harassment Trauma

Of all the cases that mike morse has faced, perhaps the abuse case is the saddest. No one wants sexual harassment to happen to him. Sexual harassment such as rape will leave a deep mark on a person, be it a man or a woman. Wounds on the body may be treated well. Wounds in the form of trauma will be once controlled.

How to Deal with Post-Sex Harassment Trauma
A person will experience PTSD, anything related to sex makes them afraid or hurts all over their body. Will the victim of this sexual harassment endure this for the rest of her life and not enjoy sex as much as other people do?

Finding the Right Support System
Victims of rape or other sexual violence are more often silent or do nothing. They are silent because they feel pressured so all they can do is contemplate the situation. If the victim does not talk about the problem to others, there is a possibility of problems in the future, including severe trauma. Tell the problems that occur to the people closest to you. Build a good support system so that pain in the heart and excessive trauma can be overcome. Family or maybe a partner who will marry him can also provide abundant support so that the trauma can go away by itself.

Increase Trust
Self Someone who has experienced sexual trauma in the past will find it difficult to trust anyone, even if it is their partner. The best way to deal with this condition is to slowly trust your partner. Instill in yourself that your partner will not hurt you and will give you a great sense of comfort. Correspondingly, couples also try to make the trust of those who experience trauma higher. This is done by treating them well, not being pushy, and always understanding the situation.

Doing Exercises to Calm Down
A person who feels his mind is always confused all the time especially when it comes to something sexual can do certain exercises. Meditation practice can be done by calming yourself down. By calming down, a person will feel more comfortable and get rid of the pain they have. Furthermore, also balance meditation by doing sports. Do certain sports that drain calm and make the pressure on the head subside. Various types of cardio can be done or do yoga regularly to make the body calm and run more smoothly.

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