Retro Horror Movie Review: Cabin in the Woods

The horror movies these days are just relying on the cheap jump scares, and many of them are forgetting the importance of a good plot twist and storyline. However, it’s not happening on the Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods. For many people, it’s one of the coolest horror movie today. Visit to watch movies online for free with the most completed collection on the internet.

It’s true that this movie might not be as scary as many movies for most people. However, the plot twist in this movie has tricked so many audiences on the cinema. This 2012 movie has acquired the 92% score at the rotten tomatoes. Furthermore, it’s even got 73% likes from the audiences as well. This movie is taking the horror movie to a whole new different level. *Spoiler Alert*, This movie feels like combining the Evil Dead and the MIB at the same time. It’s a complete combination of spooky, horror, and chaos, and it ends up with an epic ending of a total destruction of everything.

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