Are you planning to build a luxury home office at home? Whether you want to use your workspace at home all day or only a few hours a day, you need to pay attention to the design of the workspace and the so that your home office is comfortable and you are more productive. Workspaces at home can come in various shapes and sizes, including placement in different locations. The best way to choose the most ideal location for your home workspace is to adjust it to your personal needs.


Choosing workspace furniture at home is very important. Choose a desk that is suitable to fit all work material, and also leave sufficient area for typing activities. For those who need peace, a home office in the corner of the house is more suitable. Organize your movements in this space as efficiently and comfortably as possible, for example, easy to move from side to side, have access to extra space to stand or sit, etc. Often people miscalculate the workspace at home because they do not estimate it correctly. For reference, allocate more than the standard workbench size, which is 150 cm x 210 cm. The minimum ideal size for a workbench is 120 -150 cm, while the height for a workbench can be set at around 70-75 cm, according to needs. Lastly for the workspace at home, invest in an ergonomic office chair for the comfort and health of the neck and backbones.

In general, workspaces at home will still require an adequate storage area and wall shelves. Arrange the placement design according to the workflow, the location of the workbench, and the most practical work access. Of course, you are the one who understands the rhythm of personal work, so you must be more observant in estimating the best size and location.