Debunking Myths and Legends Which Surround HIV and Aids

Myths surround every aspect of life; in some areas more and in other parts less. Similar is the case regarding Aids and HIV. Today, you will uncover the myths which surround this medical condition since doctors found out about this problem.

Today these myths will be cleared for good!

  1. By being around HIV positive people, one can catch it

 HIV can’t be spread through sweat, touch, saliva, tears, or pee. So, it is not possible to contract HIV and get AIDS through:

  • Breathing same air
  • Drinking from a water fountain
  • Shaking hands, hugging or kissing
  • Touching door handles, knobs or toilet seats
  • Sharing utensils
  • Using same workout equipment at a gym

However, an individual can get infected through semen, blood, breast milk or vaginal fluid.

  • Can’t get HIV if having oral sex

Oral sex happens to be less risky when compared to other sex types. Nonetheless, one can suffer from AIDS by having oral sex with a woman or a man who is suffering from this medical issue. A latex barrier is always an excellent choice when opting for oral sex.

  • Mosquitoes can spread HIV

Many people think that because the virus passes through blood, then it could transfer to them if a mosquito bites them after ingesting blood from an HIV infected person.

However, this is not the case!

Numerous studies show that this is not true even if an area with ample mosquitoes and have a lot of HIV patients also reside there.

The reason for this is that when an insect bites, it doesn’t inject blood of another person they bit before. Hence, no blood transfusion takes place. Also, HIV remains for only a limited amount of time in them.

  • Proper medication will prevent from happening anything

First of all, ART or antiretroviral drugs assist in improving lives of people who have HIV virus. Nonetheless, these pharmaceutical drugs are expensive and have a lot of side-effects. No one in the world yet created a cure for HIV. Furthermore, HIV’s strains from drug resistance make treatment even harder.

Note: Always remember that prevention is easier and cheaper than controlling this medical condition throughout life.

  • Getting HIV means death for sure

When HIV first came across, at that time this disease was an epidemic which had no solution and death was imminent. Hence, the death rate was quite high. However, today’s medication allows people with HIV positive infection a chance to deal with this and offer them to enjoy a healthy and long life.

  • Getting treatment means one can’t spread HIV

When HIV treatment work appropriately, they lower the virus’ amount in the blood. Therefore, often it doesn’t show up in blood test reports. However, the virus might hide in other portions of an individual’s body. So, practice safe sex so that one doesn’t accidentally infect another human being.

These are the most common myths which surround this medical condition. Hence, educating one’s self is crucial to know the truth and avoid any mishap which might happen.

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