I HATE MY LIFE- said every teenager ever?

I hate my life

Life is beautiful. It indeed is. But sometimes it knocks us down hard and that happens to even the best of us. When we are young, we don’t think much of this world as we live in a protected and sheltered environment. When we become adults, we learn to accept ourselves just the way we are and adapt to our circumstances.

The transition phase known as teenage is the most difficult. With thousands of emotions running in our minds, it is the most fragile and sensitive stage to be in. It is the foundation on which an individual will become an adult hence an integral part in one’s life.

I hate my life

In the olden days, maybe this wasn’t much of a problem. But today, in this fast paced world, teenagers are much susceptible to anxiety and depression than they have ever been. There has been a rise in the number of teenage suicides in the recent times. It is one of the harshest truths we have to face that these young souls go through so much pain in our world.

As if it wasn’t difficult enough for them already, even if they expressed themselves, most people would just ignore them and blame it on their hormones.

The hormones may be a part of the problem. But they aren’t in entirety responsible for teenage depression.

As a child enters into the teenage years, its priority is to be loved, to be appreciated. However the moment their high expectations are ruined by the harshness of this world, they may fall prey to depression.

It is our responsibility as parents, as friends, as teachers to guide them and hold their hand along the way through their rough teenage years. It is necessary that we ask them to be kind to others and most importantly be kind to themselves.

I hate my life

Every time we hear a teenager say, “I hate my life.” We need to nurture them, empower them and help them and ask them to aspire to become the best versions of themselves. Let us help build a world where teenagers are not afraid to express their vulnerabilities and become the best versions of themselves.

Let us come together and make a better, kinder and a more understanding world for our children.

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