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Episode Choose Your Episode is a real-time simulation game. It is an adventure where the user is faced with multiple choices and episodes, and the episode proceeds according to the decisions made by the user. These choices are quite similar to our day-to-day activities and situations. This game gives the freedom to the user to choose any option unlike the real life.

The user can choose any episodes without any restrictions. The choices made by the user will further open up the episodes for the character, whether he/she will be famous or not or whether he/she will be liked by all or not. This game is almost similar to real life where such decisions affect our future course of action.

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USP of the game:

There are various episodes and characters available in the game ranging from fun episodes to thriller ones and regime building. The user is free to select the character according to their will and build a lifecycle for their character. Such simulation games such as SimCity, Episode etc. are in great demand especially among the teens; reason for this being the extra curiosity among the teens to explore various options unlike adults. Hence, such games help them teach valuable life lessons virtually. Keeping aside the life lessons part, this game can also be played for fun.

Need of the hack:

Along with the good stuff, there is one small catch in this game. The user can move forward in the game by completing the episodes. However, in order to complete the episodes, the user requires something more than just choices i.e. gems and passes. These resources help the user explore full range of choices the game has to offer, but it needs to be bought online from the game store. There is another solution to this problem: Episode Choose Your Episode Hack.Using this hack, choice keys and diamonds can be bought free of cost and it is quite easy to use. Click here to know more about this game.

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