Some new rules and field restrictions

euro t20 slam 2019 all team squad

Every cricket fan is curiously waiting for euro t20 slam 2019 all team squad and euro t20 slam schedule, to download. However, the schedule is out now. The preliminary round of the tournament will be starting on August 30th, 2019 to September 22, 2019. There are 6 teams participating in this competition. People can stay tuned to any of the sports channels to watch the live matches. The cricket fans have started blocking their calendars to watch the breathtaking and amazing matches of their favorite teams and players.

euro t20 slam 2019 all team squad

However, here are the rules that are being embraced by the teams while playing this form of cricket

  • This form of cricket is of 20 overs match. And each bowler in every inning will get a chance to bowl one fifth of the overs, i.e. 4 overs.
  • In this cricket, when the bowl oversteps the popping crease, then it is considered to be as no-ball. In addition, the team which is batting will get a run and a free hit. In simple words, in the next bowl, the batsman can only be out of the game, if it is a run out
  • In case, if any of the two teams are consuming more time or wasting time intentionally, then the empire has all rights to penalize the team that is wasting time by five runs.
  • In the regular T20 matches, the break time would be about 15 minutes. However, as per the consequences, the interval breaks can be sometimes curtailed to 10 minutes
  • The matches of two teams will be considered when each of them plays up to five overs
euro t20 slam 2019 all team squad
Euro T20 Slam live steaming

Here are a few field restrictions that you can notice in this kind of tournament

  • Maximum five fielders are allowed to stand near the leg side at any point of time
  • During the first six overs of the match, not more than two fielders are allowed to stand outside the 30-yard circle. And after the sixth over, the number of fielders standing outside can be increased 4 to five

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