What are Sweat bee traps

Sweat bee traps

Sweat bees come from the bee family. They play a major role in pollination. Yet, they can be very irritating as well as a threat to humans as they come for human sweat. Human sweat is a great necessity for these bees as it provides them with salt. These solitary bees have a humid body hence lick the sweat off of a human’s body. These sweat bees are highly active during the summer season. Sweat bees are usually very attracted to graves.

Sweat bee traps

What are sweat bee traps?

Sweat bee traps are a means to control or get rid of sweat Bees. This is one of the best methods to trap bees. Although homemade methods are cheaper they don’t help in getting rid of all the sweat bees which can be a big threat. This is where sweat bee traps come handy. To eliminate a large group of sweat bees, trapping them is the most ideal technique. Given below is one of the most effective methods to trap sweat bees. Traps can be made by you as well as can be purchased in stores. Hence, one can always choose the most convenient method for them to get rid of sweat bees.

Sugar solution-

As we know, sweat bees help efficiently in pollination. This can be a significant advantage for humans. For making this solution the trap should be planned in a manner that helps trap these sweat bees to a great extent.

Note that the trap works so well that it is impossible for the bees to escape.

The sugar solution trap is undoubtedly one of the best sweat bee traps. To make this trap, one will require the following materials-

  • Glass
  • A piece of paper.
  • Sugar solution
Sweat bee traps

Now, fold the paper in a cone-like shape. Keep the pointed part of the cone in such a way that it almost touches the solution but is not in contact with the solution. If you don’t have sugar, honey can be a great alternative to it. The sweat bees will now be trapped and won’t be able to escape from the cone when they try absorbing this sugar solution.

It is advised to replace the cone with another one each day for better results.

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